Free Jinger Rules

No posting of NSFW images. Please mark any NSFW links as such.

No sock puppets or multiple accounts, including deactivated accounts. Socks may be outed or possibly beaten with plumbing line (banned). Those who use socks to troll or otherwise harass members will be banned. If you are locked out of your account, email Curious. If multiple people who reside at your house use Free Jinger, email Curious, otherwise your accounts may be banned.

Choose your username cautiously - it is yours forever. We do not change them unless there is a really good reason. Do not register a new account to change your username. This is against the rules and will get you banned for being a sock. If you find you have a typo in your username after you register, send a PM to one of the Admins and they will correct it for you.

Accounts at Free Jinger are like cockroaches - they last forever. We do not delete account profiles or posts. If you have a compelling reason, we may archive certain posts so they are not available for viewing. Being upset because someone was mean to you is not a compelling reason.

Please observe all of the Terms of Use. This especially includes the part where you MUST BE OF THE LEGAL AGE OF MAJORITY IN THE PLACE YOU RESIDE. Most places, that is 18, except for Alabama, where the age is 19. If we find out you are under 18, your account will be suspended until you reach the age of majority.

Threats of violence against anyone or illegal activity will result in immediate banning from Free Jinger. “I could kick them” is not a threat of violence. “I am going to blow up their house” is an example of what not to do.

Avatars may be used. Avatars cannot exceed 120x120 pixels. You can upload avatars or link to them from off-site. No animated/moving avatars. Avatars that violate the TOU will be deleted.

Avatars may not include “symbols of hate.” This includes swastikas. Yes, we know that they were good luck symbols before being appropriated by the Nazis. Today, they are considered a symbol of hate and not allowed here. They will be deleted without any notice, just like any other symbol of hate. For further information see: and

Hate speech is not allowed on Free Jinger. While we value free speech, this is a privately owned site and this matter is not up for debate. FJ will NOT be considered a hate site because some people can"t control themselves. Hate speech is defined as speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits. This means we do NOT tolerate the use of words like nigger, faggot (or fag unless you are from a country that uses that term for cigarettes and are using it in that manner), retard or retarded, gay as an insult (ie: that is so gay), etc. The fact that I had to make this an actual rule disappoints me greatly. There will be ONE warning given for violation of this rule. If that warning is ignored, the member will be placed on an indefinite Journey To The Heart until they realize they are not the special snowflakes they think they are.

Signatures of any kind are not allowed on Free Jinger.

Animated .gifs are allowed in the main body of posts, but they MUST be hidden behind a spoiler tag. Warnings will be given to members that forget to use the spoiler tag. Intentional disruption by repeated refusal to use the spoiler tag, despite warnings, will land members in The Prayer Closet for some time to reflect on their actions.

Posters who are deemed disruptive to the forum will be placed on restricted status. Restricted posters will be unable to PM, access the off topic areas, or start topics. Any responses they make will be first screened by the mods and only approved if they are on topic to the discussion.

Free Jinger does not allow the posting of Fan Fiction or Real Person fiction.

Threads must be written in English. Occasional words/phrases/sentences in other languages, or translations of material from other sites to English is acceptable, but since we must enforce TOU, we also must be able to understand what is being said.

We will deactivate your account on your request, either permanently or for a predetermined time period.

Do NOT post speculation concerning the sexual orientation of any minor children or adult children still living in their parental homes. These kids have no say in their lives being put out for public consumption and their lives are hard enough without their homophobic parents getting the idea from us that one of their children may be gay. Users who are unable to abide by this rule after warnings have been issued will be placed on a Journey to the Heart to consider their actions.


DO NOT post speculation regarding the identify of any of Josh Duggar's past/future molestation victims.

Do NOT post private information about individuals. Private information includes information gleaned from private Facebook pages, private message boards and forums, and invite only blogs, UNLESS the individual in question verifies with an admin or media relations that posting such info here is ok. That is the only way such info is allowed. Unverified third party posting is absolutely unacceptable in all circumstances.

Paraphrasing is allowed. If you are facebook friends with a fundie, you can say “I saw so and so is pregnant.” You cannot share pictures and a birth story. Treemom describing meeting Steve Maxwell at a conference is fine. It is a first person narrative of her own experience. A member posting Facebook conversation with a Fundie in which they are peppering the fundie with questions is not the same. There is no way of knowing if the person answering on the other end is even really the fundie, for example. It is not the same type of experience.

Please remember that the internet is forever, and that includes FJ. If you post something of a personal or embarrassing nature in  the AYTFJ,IMM forum, it will be viewable by anyone with 75 posts. It will be viewable by anyone who in the future racks up 75 posts. It is not private, and it is no longer under your control. If you later regret oversharing, you will have to figure out how to deal with it because it will not be deleted.

If a Helpmeet determines that a thread is better suited to a different forum, it will be moved. No shadow topic will be left in the original forum, so if your post goes missing, have a look around. You can track your posts by clicking on your username and clicking search users posts.

Threads may be renamed or merged at the discretion of the helpmeets.

Please use the "like" button rather than posting things like "I agree," "agree," "this," +1 and other posts of this nature.   This is what the like button is for and people will understand you agree with them by using this feature.

Please do not use "text speech."   We are not twitter and you are allowed to use all your words here!

DO NOT suggest that the Admin Team should "ban you for having a different opinion." It is well known that we do not ban people on Free Jinger for things other than having a sock or egregious disruption of the forum. Having a differing opinion is NEVER going to get you banned. However, baiting any member of the Admin Team to ban you, will earn you a one way ticket to the Prayer Closet, so you can feel the persecution complex you apparently desire.

By joining this board, you acknowledge that people here will use VERY BAD LANGUAGE and possibly express opinions derogatory towards certain fringe groups. You are fully aware that most of us are making fun of the freaks and fruitcakes that drop litters of children. You are here because you are fascinated by the societal currents that give rise to these whackjobs. If you ARE one of these whackjobs, be aware of what you are stepping into and stop crying.

Pedicure Maneuver - discussion of nail polish and other beauty products to derail troll posting.
Testosterone Takeover - Posting pictures of hot guys (and girls!) to derail a troll poster.

Our Patron Saint of Free Jinger is St. Alan Rickman
Our Patron Saint of Intelligent, Educated Women is St. Rachel Maddow.

Any Problems. Please PM our admin team: Curious or Happy Atheist

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