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  1. 25 March upgrade: we are back. GO GO GO.

  2. We are back folks.

  3. You shouldn't be here. You should be on
  4. Here you go: [attachment=0]trudeau2.jpg[/attachment] I approve. He's pretty to look at, and he sounds pretty non-awful too!
  5. He sounds kind of awesome.
  6. *knocks on fake wood desk* We *may* be done sooner than planned. Related: I need :shiftykitty: to be installed here ASAP, except I don't want to do it.
  7. So, HerNameIsBuffy and I are working on the new site, but now we have to take a break cos this story makes us both want to puke*. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK? *yes, I am joking about the break taking.
  8. I heard it was to be some time in November, but I'm not a watcher so I could be behind. The news ran a story about a group being (rightly) annoyed that his racist posterior was scheduled.
  9. I read somewhere that there was speculation that he's actually a loyal democrat and is only running to pave the way for Hillary. As I'm in the anyone but him camp I really want to believe that. But but but Team Bernie! There is a small, horrible part of me that would love the sideeye in the presidential debates of Trump vs whoever the Democrat nominee is, but then I think about how embarrassing it will be when my various non-US friends poke fun for the things that come out of his mouth, and I'm over it.
  10. Can I come over? I want some bread, and that looks bloody delightful. I'll bring a bottle of wine. I took a couple hours off of FJ to go stuff my face with nachos. I'm headed home to get back to work, with a venti pumpkin spice latte and a big ass Diet Coke. Yay caffeine!
  11. And NBC is letting him host SNL. Stop the planet, I want OFF. :/
  12. I'm listening to the radio. 59% of republicans say they can see themselves voting for him according to a poll that just came out. (missed the source for it, sorry.) Canada, can I come live with you?
  13. You aren't going to get much response here, as this site is only used when our main site is down. Try posting your question on, and I bet you would find a lot more people with ideas.
  14. We should be ok now. *knocks on all available wood* Yay for no unlesses...yet....
  15. I just replied to the other post, but I'll say it here too, JIC: we know what's wrong, and we just need dreamhost to fix it. Hopefully it won't take them too terribly long - unless there is a whole lot more that goes wrong, it shouldn't be more than a couple hours, max. (please note the unless, if I turn out to be wrong. )