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  1. You know I have ALWAYS been convinced you look like Jean. And nothing will ever change that.
  2. Without my avatar (on another computer, far away, in another room). And my post count title (how can I lord my post count over newbies?). And my location (how can will Karen Shupe know I am there for her?). And my access to secret, hidden forums (how am I supposed to talk about all of you?). I need my mommy.
  3. The Lilla Rose people are not fundie, but a husband and wife. I think the man designs the clips. So masculine of him. Of course Holy Erika sells them, even with her bad Nagel girl hair. She is the exception to every rule, even the crunchy curls o' fundies that are so attractive to Jesus. What is even weirder to me is the apolistic fashion mavens. Those websites are bizarre and man, talk about hair. Some apolistic girl should offer Erika a transplant. Here. I will help you out: (Michael's bridesmaids dresses came from there).
  4. And you change his name from David yo "DAYUN"??
  5. Shut it up, people. Erika Shupe is always right! Bob tells her all the time! Anyone seen her personal FB page? It is mostly post after post of stuff she is selling. But there are some pictures of the family. My sweet Karen is growing up to be somewhat hot and she knows it. Boobies for days and tight shirts! I think my plan to free her from the Hamster Cage of Horrors might work! And I am so glad so many new people are finding so much to hate with Erika. I usually don't like the interfering with fundies on their blogs or media. BUT Erika and the Maxwells are an exception. In fact, I think *Chucklefuck* has banned both my real and my created just to poke Erika FB pages.
  6. She was probably just looking for fashion quotes to justify looking like an escapee from Bedlam circa 1903.
  7. I can't get into AYTFJ! You hate me!
  8. Testing. One. Two. Three.