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  1. I promise that if anyone gives you shit on the rewrite I will come out swinging.
  2. Palimpsest, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that Gigi has dementia at all. When I reread the first sentence I used her name, I can see where people think I did by the shit way I structured that sentence. I was grouping Gigi in with older people who fall in the home and break leg bones. Yes, it is very difficult, and often made more so by judgy people who often don't know what the hell they are looking at.
  3. My niece and two of her friends are going to be "80s chicks" this Halloween. I can't decide whether I am amused or appalled they are using her mother's and my high school yearbook portraits for their inspiration. I'll have you ladies know I was able to rock the Aquanet, poodle perm, and leg warmers back in the day.
  4. About two year's ago, Sarah had announced that Mary would be doing some of her own blog posts and basically become Sarah's blogging back up. Mary's writing is even more pitiful than Sarah's, on every level. Grammar, syntax, paragraph structure, imagination...Teri Maxwell should have her head permanently hanging in shame that her daughters' writing skills are so atrocious. Teri is a college educated woman, not a Michelle Duggar. Yet the children she had the responsibility of homeschooling all write at an elementary school level. The only kid who does not have completely embarrassing writing skills is Nathan, and he's no great shakes. I suspect Mary's backup blogger career ended because Steve and Teri realized she was not such a great testimony to their homeschooling ability. The problem was that Mary was their last kid in homeschool and they sort of needed to showcase her for legitimacy in the homeschooler's market. Once the last kid graduated why would people stay interested in the Maxwell view of homeschooling? There speaking gigs have been drying out for years, Mary's graduation and Joeseph's marriage pretty much ended the Maxwell roadshows. Anna was actually very heavily promoted on the blog immediately before and right after her homeschool graduation. A lot of us thought it was Steve actively trying to find a husband for her, but who really knows? After a few "recipes with Anna" and "why i don't want to go to college posts, Anna's blog presence was reduced. It's a little too obvious she is a young adult living at home and doing nothing but cooking and cleaning, and that is bad for the brand. Nothing is being done out of respect for her or any other Maxkid's preference. The blog exists to sell their garbage, and what is or is not featured is strictly on Steve's orders. He knows the public eats up posts featuring the ABCDs and babies so both are prominently displayed now.
  5. They do have a missionary overhead organization. Someone here would know the name, but the list was shared on FJ proper a bit ago. I believe you can donate through the organization's platform. It is a way to prove legitimacy, theoretically. These organizations offer training and classes and the like...perhaps How To Operate a Medieval Printer 101, for David? Didn't John Shrader, Grifter Extrodinaire, get dropped by his missionary overhead organization when they realized he had grifted his way to and was then grifting his way through Zambia? I just don't understand how Jill and David are able to hang on to that piece of legitimacy. They publicly document their grifting and uselessness, how has their overhead organization not called bs on them? I feel bad for congregants who are doing without things to support a mission, but then you are giving to the Rodriegueses, how stupid can you be?
  6. I bow to no one in how much I detest Steve and Teri, but Gigi living in her house alone at her age is really not their fault. I'm at an age where I've seen this movie more than once. Mom or Dad is a widow/widower who have no business living alone in their homes. They are falling and breaking bones like Gigi, some are showing signs of the beginning of dementia, they have cumulative health problems that put them at higher risk for fainting, having seizures, or having catastrophic vascular events. AND THESE OLDSTERS REFUSE TO LEAVE THEIR FUCKING HOMES!!!! Their kids will beg them to move in with them, and they won't consider it. In a way you can't blame them, these are the homes they spent their marriages in a raised their families, but now that home is empty and dangerous and they still will not leave. I have seen 80-94 year olds who were diabetic and blind, who were on walkers after falls like Gigi, who nearly burn down their houses because dementia is setting in and they forget to turn off their gas burners-all living alone at their insistence and who were aging their adult children from the worry. You can't force an oldster to leave or sell their home to put them in a safer situation. I've seen marriages start to crack over the stress of keeping an elderly parent safe under those conditions. People in your circle who are not aware how hard you try to get them to safety just assume the adult kids are shitty human beings. Gigi is LUCKY to have so many adult relatives nearby and able to help her. I would not at all assume the Maxwells don't care about her and are not giving her care.
  7. Seriously, I do marvel at their cojones to go from church to church announcing they are "raising their support" for a Bible tract ministry. I understand congregations having pity and feeding their dozen emaciated children, but giving them money to pass out homemade tracts? These aren't particularly well to do congregations. You figure what money they can give to support missions would go to higher
  8. Jill and David are under a support organization? The Fluffy Bunny wept. And them thinking of themselves as missionaries is high farce.
  9. If you are still checking this, my family makes a savory orange salad during the winter when they are available. Peel and slice some oranges into wheels. Lay them on a platter. Slice some depitted olives and scatter around the orange slices. Add some very thinly sliced red onion around the olives. Dress the salad using fresh squeezed orange juice and olive oil. For a more exact measurement on the dressing, mix 6 tablespoons olive oil to 4 tablespoons orange juice. Add salt and pepper to taste in the dressing and pour over salad platter. Serve in place of or addition to green salad. Variation: instead of olives, thinly slice the white part of a fennel bulb and use in place of olives. Chop some of the fennel green and scatter on top, dress salad as above.
  10. I don't know what they're so afraid of. From what I can see, none of the fundies learn anything at all, no matter what gender they are. I would agree that they are woefully ignorant about the entire context of scripture. However they draw this from the words of St. Paul, that he does not permit women to teach over men within the ancient Christian church. St. Paul also said that a man who does not work should not eat, but Jill and David don't appear hung up on observing that part of his teaching.
  11. The boy that Steve made change instruments was Jesse. He really enjoyed learning to play the banjo, but Steve was observing him and felt Jesse enjoyed playing the banjo just because, well, he LIKED it. He really didn't have an end goal of "serving Jesus" with his banjo playing, so Steve stopped his lessons and had him learn to play another instrument Jesse had no interest in. That apparently served Jesus better. It's that story and reading Teri's account of her "addiction" to Pepsi that really uncovers how crazy sick this family's dynamics are.