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  1. I just spent too long writing and re-writing a question in the breastfeeding thread, trying to phrase what I wanted to ask clearly while at the same time worrying about if I was inadvertently going to come across as being insensitive or ignorant or both. And then the upgrade started just before I pressed send! Please can I have a "get out of jail free" card in case my next rewrite is even less eloquent?!
  2. So they don't watch TV, they just make a living from the plebs that do... That's as crazy as the Maxwells announcing that they don't read books, they just write them. Arrogant little snots.
  3. Dear Lord, Please bless the Maxwells and shine bright lights over Kansas City for their annual Christmas outing. Amen.

    1. anniebgood


      And may the Glory of the Lord shown upon them and open their hearts to the wide world of Christianity. Amen. 

  4. Definitely sounds like some were not invited and are making up a holier-than-thou backstory. I would understand if the survivors of Josh's abuse declined to participate, but the wording "out of respect for..." doesn't really apply there, as they are the ones deserving of the respect and consideration of others.
  5. Wow, is he speaking clearly enough to be understood on tv now?
  6. I keep getting a message on screen about the number of points I got for each post. Is there a helpmeet out in cyberspace making lightning quick judgements about post qualit,y as part of a new feedback systm?! Do points make prizes?
  7. The 10 years on section is only 1 page long. Which is a metaphor for how much the Moody Maxwells have to say for themselves as adults.
  8. Didn't they have a family Moody/Maxwell party and bibletime to celebrate the previous book launch? I wonder if they will have a 10 Years On party at which they celebrate Mollie's growth into indentured servitude, Max and Midge's Professional Petcare business, and the twins 12th birthday presents of matching bible covers with their daily schedules inscribed in gold ink on the inside cover, as a gift from a creative Aunt. It would not be all fiction.
  9. Rock, paper, scissors. Kerplunk, with maltesers instead of marbles.
  10. The way that was announced is odd. Sarah told it through a cutesie story about Christina. It's more important that Christina was being cute than that poor Gigi got hurt in a fall (which, at her age, could have been much more serious). There wasn't even a prayer request. They don't truly give a shit about the elderly, do they? I don't know the stats about broken ankles, but hip fractures can be deadly. The mortality rate within one year of hip fracture is around 30% and 10% within the first thirty days. Gigi needs to live in a home (not with the MaxHells though) with no stairs like a ranch or a lot of bungalows. I wonder if Gigi may decide to move to live with or near Aunt Tami soon. That would free up the house for Jesse to buy. I don't see John staying in the immediate vicinity when he decides to fly the nest.
  11. Mary was the one that liked sewing. Teri once wrote about how the older girls weren't the greatest at it, but Mary took to it quickly and went through Teri's lessons fast. Then Mary kept looking for new projects. I think Steve felt she was making it an idol, and then somehow decided Mary should do art. And yeah, one of the boys (John maybe?) was really good at one instrument but Steve felt it was becoming an idol, so he made the kid learn a new instrument the kid didn't like and wasn't really good at. Steve doesn't think you should enjoy what you do. I don't know; I read somewhere in Steve's writing that the sewing stopped because the girls persuaded Steve that it is more thrifty to shop the sales for clothes than to buy the raw materials. Which is true, and which also led Mary into the enjoyable role as wardrobe coordinator for the family. I get the impression that Mary probably gets more leeway than the others, as the baby of the family, and growing up after the worst of Teri's depression was over. She seems to enjoy all things creative, sewing, cardmaking, drawing,etc. I imagine she has probably learned from the others' experiences that in order to get to do the things you love, you have to put a godly slant on them. So she makes little dresses for the nieces, special occasion cards for Gigi to send to church friends, and she draws illustrations for the family books. Compared to Poor Sarah, Mary has a charmed life (for a fundie). At 19, Sarah was her mother's housekeeping drudge, bringing up the reversals while Teri napped and cried in the bedroom.