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  1. And now the Shelter is updated too!
  2. I am so freakin' tired of grey days!


  3. Wow. Hello. First - I think you're making a really inaccurate assumption about the belief system of posters. There is no religion test to be here, and it's pretty obvious to me that posters have all sorts of different systems. So your entire objection is predicated on a fallacy. Second - what in the world about this video or experiment disrespects 9/11 victims and their families? Or, for that matter, the Parisian victims which inspired this particular video? Also, speaking only for myself, I don't hold "hate of one group." It seems to me you need to slow your roll. Or, maybe you are right and this site doesn't fit you.
  4. I had chalks explained to me in chat fairly recently. Apparently you don't want to spill them! (And definitely set them.) You'll have to report back on your results.
  5. What a process this has been for her! I'm so glad she is making progress. I admire her resilience and her continued investment.
  6. Yet another reason not to appear on television.
  7. Carbs = LOVELY. We got home last night after a two week adventure (first time traveling by Amtrak - what fun!) My cat (one of the four) proceeded to entertain herself by digging dry cat puke from under the bed and batting it around the room. Charming, Miss Kitty, just charming. The joys of cat servitude . . . .
  8. Degreed Horticulturalist here. SIZE of a leek is not equivalent to LENGTH of a leek. Just another SOTDRT fail for that Duggar FB author . . . Carry on.