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  1. Apocalyptica Halestorm Shinedown Pentatonix Home Free I could go on (and on and on)
  2. Need to put this out there before it escapes my head. My stylist (it was hair day in my world and yes, I drive 2 plus hours to see my stylist the visit my mom and return home) suggested trying oils (I think or chalks) for coloring. She said she uses aerosol hairspray to set them so they don't run or smudge.
  3. Next month is November. I am going to attempt - yet again - Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) so I'm in the process of something that resembles a plot together. And listening to music. Doing a bit of reading.
  4. checking date here. Yup - still in year 2015. What the......?????????
  5. I felt odd so the queen (my cat) it is.
  6. Jana appeared to have Jason and Jackson (don't remember which of the older howlers she might have had) and most likely Josie. Jinger had Jed & Johannah Jessa's team included Jer, Justin & Jordyn Jill's - which is now Joy's had James & Jenni We can probably assume that the twin's (and possibly Jason) aren't on buddy teams anymore since JB had the twins with him in FL not that long ago. Leaving Jana with Jackson, Justin, Jordyn, Josie & the M's.
  7. It looked like Nancy Grace had her teeth in this one last night.
  8. Of course Jill & Derrick are going back. They need to be there for the holidays when the Duggars make their annual pilgrimage to SOS Ministries in Central America. Then they can haul the camera crew along for more filming of the likely next 'special.'
  9. I long got the feeling the only one who genuinely liked Anna was Joy (and perhaps Famy).
  10. Dodgeball in general brings back all sorts of bad memories from PE classes.
  11. I am 'reading' Tess Gerritson's Gravity on unabridged audio on the car courtesy of the trip to my mom's bank and back last weekend (and a trip this coming weekend). Took a bit to get into. Mainly wanted to read it because I read about the author's attempted suit against Warner Bros because of the movie Gravity (same name - different plots). Author was unsuccessful in court (and now I understand why).
  12. and in light of the stripper pole comment the disco ball that John David bought for the parental bathroom decorating episode SO takes on new light.
  13. Continued. I finally finished slogging my way through Stephen King's 12/22/1963. Considering that I bought the book on 11/22/2013 this took me way too long to get through.
  14. Probably something when I taught sunday school. Possibly apples to apples junior. Honestly, do not remember. Not a big game person.