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  1. I know about one time, an old lady on a tv show was talking about her wedding night (it's a tv show for old people to find boyfriends/girlfriends) and was talking about how her mother got her a few towels in her suitcase. You can imagine for what. She couldn't.
  2. I didn't realize it could be Deanna. Those two are weird, just not in the same way as JB and litter
  3. I have tired chalks. In blue. They look cool, but the aplication can turn a little messy. It is a good alternative,
  4. They said Elliot is because Jim Eliot, a "missionary" that Somehow got killed in the 50's in Ecuador while ministering some tribes. He probably offend ed someone way too much
  5. A tv show here did something similar a few years ago. They read passsages and had both christian and musim people guess if it was the qur'an or the bible. Muslims got it right, christians didn't want to believe what they heard. I am going ti try find the video with english subtitles Found the video!!! I doesn't have subtitles, so only click if you kinda understand spanish
  6. Pff, i was traumatized when i found out that two sets of my great grand parents were cousins (curiously, the ones i got my last names from), nogenealogy for Me (l Know it was common back then, but 1 still think at is weird)
  7. I'll do this this christmas at the first racist comment from my uncle. Dutch sounds scary
  8. Maybe dobble. Or just plain old cards. I don't know, my cousins and i are really ñro board games, we play everytime it's more than four of us.
  9. Don't think anymore. It's amy and her husband. And it's more about ""You don't want us? You are so wrong, we are super resoectful and IT'S US WHO DON'T WANT TO BE IN THAT THING!!!!!1!!1!!1!1111!!!!!"
  10. What would such a care package even consist of? Pregnancy tests?
  11. I really think you shouldn't be posting pictures from a private instagram
  12. Sooooo they're going to be proselytizing their Spanish teacher and fellow students? I can just see their teacher's evaluation: Estos gringos no pueden conugar ningún verbo, pero no pueden callarse sobre su versión del cristianismo. No gano bastante dinero tratar con estos gringos. ETA that the teacher's evaluation would likely be way more eloquent than my attempt to remember what I learned in 12th grade AP Spanish. Your spanish is really good!! But it is conjugar. (My inner grammar nazi is getting out) I can totally see their teacher getting home and complaining tl his/her family with exactly those words
  13. Nothing based on the duggars can be half as good as Unbreakable, because THEY'RE ALIVE, DAMMIT!!!!!
  14. It wouldn't be crazy. This is jilly muffin, she doesn't know what a condom is.
  15. Why so many people think jlshie-highly-homophobic-boy has banged a guy? I see him fucking a goat before a guy. Disclaimer: I am not speculating, i just think in his mind both things are at the same level