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  1. I work at a library and yesterday someone returned this book -- I hadn't noticed it before, but this time it caught my eye due to the "trigger warning" discussion on FJ in recent days. How do/did you like it? I've heard only good things about Neil Gaiman but haven't read anything by him yet. Maybe this is the book that will get me started on that path... Gaiman is amazing! Start out with something else of his maybe and see how you like him. Neverwhere is good, Coraline, Graveyard Book. I work in a library too, btw. Two actually. I haven't really started it yet (other than the preliminary section); I hope to do so in a few days. I've read a few of his other books (Stardust, Anansi Boys; tried the Agnes Nutter book, of which I can't remember the exact name, but I couldn't get through it; could be because I'd gotten it to read when my father had open-heart surgery; I was too distracted to read it properly). I do think he's very talented, not to mention sexay. I met both him & Amanda last year (pre-their baby), & it was all I could do to NOT ruffle his hair.
  2. No, they're not even that close to Fundy @ all; or if they are I'm completely missing it. I've gone to church services w/them, & I have no issue w/doing so. I also think they'd like if I held the same religious beliefs, but they don't ostracize me because I don't.
  3. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH Won't get fooled agaaaainn-- Josie's face in your avatar says it all.
  4. Currently reading "Trigger Warning" by Neil Gaiman. Better get cracking before it's due back @ the library.
  5. I always thought she was evil, & I don't think it was strictly for tv purposes, either. My niece had taken dance when she was younger, & the instructor she had did push the kids (but nowhere near to the extent that Abby did to her students).
  6. My family is Christian (& I'm not, but that doesn't bother me nor them; well, not as far as I know, anyways), & I was over to the Compound (as I call their multi-generational house) the other day. My sister said to my niece, "Hey, do you want to watch Fireproof? It's a good movie." My 18yo niece declined, as she & I were watching yet another Harry Potter weekend on the Family Channel. I was surprised to hear that movie name come out of my sister's mouth, as I never expected something so Fundy to be known to them. Now, to be fair, we have discussed the Duggars & Bates @ length (& I freely admit to watching all of the shows pre-Joshgate), but the Fireproof mention still blew my mind. I have absolutely no interest in seeing it, but I'm curious: has anyone here seen it? How bad is it?
  7. This pleases me ever since I saw it announced on the FJ site. I may actually break my no-cbs/nbc/abc rule to watch this. I love this show immensely, & would love to see Olivia & Finn open a can o'whoopass. Hell, even bring back Elliott, too. I certainly wouldn't complain.